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A recent, and we must say lovely, trend in invitation design is the use of vintage stamps to create a colorful and graphic statement. The right combination of colors, shapes, and sizes of vintage stamps creates a gorgeous and unique aesthetic that, combined with elegant calligraphy, turns your envelopes into art pieces of their own! 

Allie Ruth Design
 Atheneum Creative 

Sadly, our hearts sink every time we visit the USPS site hoping to discover some gorgeous re-releases of classic postage, only to find more "Flags of our Nation" stamps. Not that we don't love the flags of our nation, but the designers in us crave something more, well...designed!

So here's a collection of helpful websites we've come across on our hunt for those glorious and elusive creatures. 

Verde Studio: Through Etsy, this studio based in York, PA will style and collect the vintage stamps for 
                       your envelopes! Owner Virginia Sauder will look at your color palette and  
                       hand-select stamps to create a truly custom design.

Champion Stamp: Stamp collectors located in New York. They sell out of their store, located in 
                            midtown, or from their website. A good resource if you know what you're looking    

Ebay: There are a TON of stamp collectors selling vintage stamps on Ebay. Just make sure to shop 
          smart, some sellers only have portions of their collections that are unused. You don't want to end 
          up with stamps that can only be used for decor!

Keep in mind that wedding postage, depending on the weight of your invitations, can run upwards of $165.00 for 150 invitations + RSVP cards. Most vintage stamps are marked up 75%, which makes using vintage stamps a more costly (and time consuming) project. 

But if it's in your budget and on your radar, the end result is a beautiful thing to behold!


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